Don’t take a Gamble Call a Graffiti Removal Pro!

The other day I witnessed the most terrible inefficiency–though underneath it was an intention of pure gold and for good reason. I was doing some work in an up-and-coming neighborhood in the Denver metro area, and happened to be going by a prominent apartment in the vicinity.

There was a wall facing a main street that had been tagged by graffiti. Now, graffiti is common in many areas of Denver, but not this area—so it stuck out, blaringly obvious. Now of course something had to be done about this scarification of the building, and assault on the image of this upper scale apartment building.

Graffiti removal had been named the priority project of the day evidently, though the removal of graffiti in this instance wasn’t going so well. I had to make a few trips past this site within a few hours, and over the course of a few hours the head of maintenance was working on it. Trying a pressure washer, numerous chemicals, scrubbing until tired, it was apparent that nothing was working quickly.

What amazed me the most about this spectacle was that the head of building maintenance was working on it (signifying its importance), and that it was worth hours of his time. But was it? Considering the burdened labor rate for a full time highly skilled employee, I highly doubt graffiti removal was a good allocation of resources! Removing graffiti in Denver doesn’t have to be that hard, or take that long! Call an expert in graffiti removal in Denver and protect your image and company or business resources!

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