School’s Out and so are the Graffiti Hoodlums!

With the warmer months upon us, and school coming to an end we find more and more businesses and home owners calling for removal of unsightly denver graffiti removal from their properties.  Graffiti is the number one type of vandalism today, and it can be very costly to businesses, homeowners, and government agencies.  Power washing is one of the best ways to remove graffiti from your establishment, but beware of unknowledgeable contractors who may actually cause more damage than good when it comes to removing this graffiti.  We see it all the time; surfaces that have been etched (permanetely carving whatever was written on the surface into it) and leaving the business owner or homeowner with the ghastly finished product.

Colorado Pro Wash has professional, detail oriented techs who understand the proper techniques and procedures to adhere to so this type of problem is never run into.  High pressure power washing will 99% of the time cause more damage than good to the outward surface we are removing graffiti from.  The last thing a customer wants is to pay to effectively have whatever was written or painted on their structure to be carved into it.

Our innovative technique to removing graffiti from buildings, walls, bathroom stahls, etc., comes from our experience in the field and our daily communication with other pressure washing professionals from all regions.  We at Colorado Pro Wash do everything possible to ensure we are able to provide our customers with the highest level of pressure washing serivices that are available in the field.  In doing so, we are able to astonish those who trust us in bringing their establishment back to it’s prestine outward apperance.  We hear customers tell us all the time how amazed they are with our ability to make it look like their was never any graffiti or paint on the surface at all.  So the next time you drive up to your business or home and see it vandalized with spray paint give Colorado Pro Wash a call.  Our low pressure power washing techniques with not only ensure your structures surface will remain in its original condition; your customers and passerby’s will never know it had been vandalized.

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